August 2018

Dear Co-workers in God's Work:

It has been a privilege to serve as your interim pastor these past nineteen weeks.  During this time, I have listened to your stories.  Some members have shared their heartfelt questions, concerns, hopes, and dreams for Grace Through Faith Ministries parish.

 Many of you have openly talked with great pride about your church's history.... its legacy of faithful ministry and mission.  I insider it "holy ground" to serve with you and to share the good news together.

It is evident to me that Faith Lutheran-Evansville and Grace Lutheran-Brandon, as Grace Through Faith Ministries parish is about to embrace a whole new exciting chapter of ministry and mission. 

The bold questions for your consideration are:  Are you ready?  Are you up to the challenges ahead?  Are you willing to risk change? Are you willing to embrace a Christ-centered vision for your future together?   From my vantage point, knowing what I now know from my time with you during the pastoral transition and with Pastor Sarah serving with you, I can faithfully say yes...Amen!

With Pastor Sarah's able leadership and member commitment you have awesome opportunity to witness to your faith and to tell the story of how you live together in service to God's work.  God has entrusted his work to your hands...what a gift...what a responsibility...what an opportunity!  Thanks be to God.

 My last Sunday as your interim pastor is August 19th.   Thank you for the opportunity to serve with you.  I continue to hold you in my prayers.

 God's abundant blessings,

 Pastor Rob Interim